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The pumps proposed from SanRock Ltd. are used in a wide range of applications. For example: for dewatering in construction site, recycling in cement mills, preparing, pumping and recycling of bentonite, transportation of silt, sand and gravel; In the quarry – for extraction of sand and gravel, sediments cleaning and washing; In the mining industry for water pumping in gold, diamond and coal mines, removal of dense and abrasive solutions; in the sedimentation – for cleaning and sedimentation in yachts, ports, rivers, dams, lakes and irrigation canals also the extraction of send from rivers or seas; In the ecology – for waste water treatment and sand filters cleaning; In the industry – for sediments cleaning, resin pumping, oil remains, waste and slag,transfer of heavy mud, homogeneousness and pumping of mixed solutions; Others – removal of sunken vessels, pipelines and etc.