Rubber Sheeting and Conveyor Consumables

Pulley lagging

The rubber lagging materials provide first class traction power and longevity. Even in wet and muddy conditions the friction material ensures an optimal grip and protects the belt against water and dirt. The rubber lagging (smooth, diamond profile, ceramic lagging) reduce slip and wear on belt and pulleys.

Skirting rubber

We offer a variety of engineering applications in order to reduce wear and tear on your materials handling systems and, for instance, to prevent caking, limit noise and maintain overall efficiency: Wear protection rubber in different hardness and sizes. Protect the belt's edges, absorb impact energy in gutters, bunkers, truck bodies.
Conveyor belt sealing system is fitted in the transfer area of conveyor belt systems to seal the area between conveyor belt and transfer point, thereby minimising material loss and dust emission.
Skirtboard sealing system for bunkers is a segmented sealing system that prevents spillage at conveyor belt transfer points. Rubber gaskets to your design and specifications.

Conveyor accessories

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