Vulcanization Presses

Heavyweight Presses

Profesional equipment for hot vulkanization of rubber belts. Vulcanizers are available in 2-piece Frame styles or Sectional styles with size, psi, in bias or rectangular configurations. All presses are custom made to your specifications.

Repair presses

Profesional equipment for repair of rubber belts.The Repair presses are available for spot and edge repairs in the field or shop.

Lightweight presses

Profesional equipment for PVC belts, complete line of lightweight presses and shop equipment for decades. Offering shop and field presses - water and air cooled, slitters, finger punches and everything else you need for a one stop lightweight shop.

Rip detection, Belt monitoring and Steering

Система за мониторинг - следи състоянието на лентата чрез проводници по протежение на лентата.
Система за защита от сцепване - Следи по ширината на лентата за срязвания, разкъсвания и повреди по ръба и. Системата спира конвейра при откриване на разкъсвания.

Vulcanizing splice materials and belt repair

A strong, long lasting splice joint relies on two, equally important factors - the skill of the person making the splice and the actual quality of the splicing materials being used. Sanrock Ltd. Suplies a wide range of splicing materials that have been desined and developed to provide optimum performance in terms of adhesionm dynamic life and usability. УWe can suply a comprehensive range of accessories and equipment for the professional splicer invcluding hand tools, siliconised paper, facteners and mouldplates.