Lip shrouds

To protect the excavators and loaders blades. Various blade thicknesses up to 160 mm. Wide range of widths for maximum tightening and protection. Sharpened front profile for easier penetration. Options for left or right profile for Delta lips.

Side cutters

Заваряеми, с механично и болтово закрепване, за защита на предния ръб на страниците на кофите.
Наличности на няколко различни стандарти и размери.

Bucket Heel Shrouds

High-tech solution for protection of the bottom edge of the bucket when working in extremely heavy conditions. The precise angle allows a tight fit along the curve of the bucket.

Sidebar Protectors

Wide range sizes of side protectors, which could be attached by a mechanical lock or by standard welding. All of them are produced with an alloy - ideal for abrasion and impact resistance.

Wear Butons

Designed with a dome shape to provide application versatility and minimize exposure to impact
Diameters from 50 to 150 mm
Tchikness from 25 to 35 mm

Chocky bar

Bars are stocked in a variety of widths - from 25 mm to 130 mm

Wear block

Available in two convenient sizes : Width 150 mm and 250 mm

Wear Runners

Weld-on or with mechanical lock replaceable protective sliders mounted on a welded base. Suitable for flat or curved surfaces. For all types of quarry buckets for excavators, loaders and draglines.

Armored Bars

Bars with carbide buttons and dimensions: 10x80x3000, 15x100x3000, 20x120x3000mm, which could be cut by request. Suitable for longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of the bottom of the bucket.

Ripper protectors

Made of high quality materials, in options for standard or hammerless installation.