Standard bucket

For general purpose excavating in clay or sandy soil. Also useful in bailing and top-loading applications.

The HDP bucket

For top loading applications. The HDP is a sturdy, economical bucket that provides increased production with less maintenance and downtime.

HDV rock bucket

Recommended for excavators from 40 ton operating weight.for highly abrasive hard materials, for the extraction in quarry, in mines and in rocky terrains.

HDVX rock bucket

For excavators up to 500 ton operating weight.Suitable for extreme stresses. Equiped with reinforcement plates, lip shrouds, wear buttons, wear bars, bucket heel shrouds, side protectors etc.

Sifter bucket

Bucket made for a primary selection of materials of various kinds, for reclamation and cleaning of land and for a pre selection of the resulting material from a demolition. The “gaps” of the bars is determined according to the size of the required product.

Alto Adige rock bucket

The geometry of the bucket provides a flared and elongated profile to facilitate handling medium sized blocks and stones.

Standard buckets for loaders

Suitable for light-weight loads like materials with mild consistency such as soil, sand, gravel and dry clay. Various models are available depending on the required width, material and load capacity.
Bucket equipment options: with teeth, with weld-on or replaceable blade depending on the needs of the user.

Rock buckets for loaders

This type of front loader bucket is suitable for handling and loading of hard, rocky and abrasive material with a high specific weight. Optimal to be used in the quarry to support the working cycle of fixed concrete mixing plants and crushers.

Multi-purpose 4x1 bucket

Multipurpose 4 X 1 bucket for skid loaders and backhoe loaders, suitable for different working conditions of excavation, loading and unloading, for leveling and flattening the ground. There are many models available depending on the width, material and capacity required.

Skeleton bucket

For the loading and selection of medium consistency organic materials, for a pre selection and separation of building materials. The “gap” between the bars varies according to the type of selection to be made.

Underground mining bucket

Made with thicknesses, components and wear resistant material suitable to increase its strength and durability. The additional reinforcing strips on the bottom, internal and external, along with the reinforcements on both sides and the double bottom contribute to reduce bucket wear.

Mining Face Shovel Bucket

For machines from 80 up to 500 tons. The bucket profile is optimized to achieve the best possible filling factor and shorter material loading and dump time to allow the customer operator to move more tons per hour at the lowest cost.

Dragline bucket

For dredging quarries and rivers. Optimized for faster filling with less drag energy.

Clamshell bucket

For loose material and can be used on all lifting equipment or crawler cranes.

Trench bucket

Light excavating bucket for loam, sand or general purpose work.

Ditch cleaning bucket

Bucket range for cleaning, restoration and construction of embankments. It is particularly indicated for agricultural land, for the maintenance of water drinage channels.
The bucket can be suplied with an additional bolted reversible underblade to avoid wear of the blade used in the construction.

Trapezoidal V-Bucket

This bucket is specifically designed for the construction, reclamation and cleaning canals. Its specific design maces it possible to finish the banks of canals perfectly.


Mechanical, self-locking and hydraulic quick couplers for excavators and loaders.