Blades and Fully Equipped Lips

Wear blades

Stock availability of blades with thicknesses from 16 to 60 mm. Lengths up to 3200 mm with option of cutting to the required size.

Delta Cutting Edges

Weld-on or bolt mounted cutting edges type "Delta" and "Semi-delta" for loader buckets.

Loader blades and segments

For all machine types. Central, end and double beveled blade with the possibility of reversing. On request with certain size and drills.

Half Arrow/ Semi Delta Edges

They are used to protect the front edge of the bucket or as an extra blade to protect the main one. Weldable or bolted, as short segments can be used like shrouds.

Dozer Blades

Standard dozer blades (for normal working conditions) Cast dozer blades (for work in abrasive environment) Available in various thicknesses, widths and lengths according to the standard of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Dressta and etc. Configurations: "Universal (Straight)", "Semi-Delta", "Delta".

Grader blades

Available in two versions: straight and saw-edged (for deeper penetration, especially in winter conditions). Available in various standards.

Fully equipped lips

Lip with thickness from 50 to 160 mm, equipped with tooth system and shrouds according to the client`s requirements considering their budget, working conditions and the machine model.

Polyurethane cutting edges

The polyurethane cutting edges are flexible enough to eliminate damage on delicate surface. Application: snow plow machines, agricultural, industrial and specialized machines at ports and airports.

On Request

On request we can manufacture weld-on and bolt-on blades from our material (Quard® abrasion resistant steel plates) according to your drawing and specification. Material hardness from 250 HB to 500 HB.