DTH Drilling

DTH Hammers

DTH hammers from 3" to 34" covering a wide range of diameters from 85mm to 1200mm. They are made of high-quality material which guarantees their durability.

Drilling rods

Rods with different characteristics - length, diameter, wall thickness, different types of threads applicable for DTH, rotary drilling, water jet drilling and etc.


The adapters have different diameters, lengths and types of threads and they are made of surface hardened alloy steel for longer life.

Drilling bits

Depending on the drilling conditions, the type and grip of the hammer the drilling bits have various diameters, type of forehead, shape and arrangement of the carbide buttons.
We offer bits with spherical, ballistic and combined buttons.


Depending on the hammer pilots have different diameters and grip. They consist of a ring bit and a pilot bit. Application: casing drilling, water and thermal drilling.

Guide sleeves

Guide sleeves are used for better drilling guidance. They can also be used as adapters.

Spare parts

We keep spare parts for hammers in stock.