Mining adaptors

Designed as part of the larger mining tooth systems Nemisys and Posilok.
Also available as option with a protective cap.

Weld-on adaptors with protective caps

They cover larger mining tooth system sizes like S95, SV2, Super V, Twister, DRP, KingMet, Combi parts and etc.

Weld-on central and end adapters for excavators

Includes all tooth systems. Only a small number of them do not offer end adapters.

Weld-on adapters for loaders

Designed for mounting on the blade which is on the inner side of the bucket and ensures a tighter fit to the treated surface.

B-Lock and Rear Lock adapters

Proper for Bofors, Poclain and Lenhoff tooth systems. The adapters are two types: which could be installed on the bucket blade (for excavators) and which could be weld-on the inner side of the bucket blade (for loaders and excavators).

Weld-on noses

Weld-on noses make it easy to convert your equipment to another tooth system. Weld-on noses may also be used to repair adapters in an emergency or to up-grade nose sizes without replacing the entire adapter system.

Bolt-on adapters

Bolt-on mounted adapters designed for front loader buckets.

Ripper shanks, adapters and noses

Cast ripper shanks and repair components like adapters and noses according to the standards of ESCO, Caterpillar, Komatsu, etc.
In stock and on request.